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PD4ML is a powerful PDF generating tool uses HTML and CSS as page layout and content definition format. Written in 100% pure Java, it allows users to easily add PDF generation functionality to end products. PD4ML is encapsulated in an easy-to-deploy set of JARs and it does not rely on any unsafe native components (like Firefox/Mozilla renderer): it is based on proprietary HTML rendering engine, optimized for PDF layout generation. The rendering engine implements most of HTML4/CSS2 standard features plus a number of custom PDF-generation-specific functions: pagination control, headers/footers generation, watermarking, TOC generation etc. PDF reporting does not require an utilization of complex report generators anymore. You create an HTML/JSP based report with images, charts, form elements and PD4ML does the rest for you. PD4ML allows you to easily embed word processor documents, spreadsheets, and rich media content as attachments to the resulting PDF documents. Main features: - Convert an URL or HTML string to a PDF file or byte stream. - Set PDF page format and orientation - Control page margins - Define PDF headers and footers in HTML (including images and page numbers) - Embed and use True Type and Open Type fonts. - Support most of Asian, Middle-East, European and Latin character sets - Generate external and internal hyperlinks - Control header/footer appearance on selected pages - Embed attachments - Switch PDF encryption on and assign document security restrictions - Generate PDF bookmarks - Generate table of contents based on H1-H6 structure - Customize page background - Watermark pages - Override hardcoded document style with additional CSS style sheets - Provide basic support for PDF forms The rich set of features and the robustness of the managed code makes PD4ML famous as a perfect PDF generation solution for server-side and desktop applications.

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